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Hi, I’m Camille Bunim, owner and operator of Work Life Balance Virtual Assistants, a division of Work Life Balance, LLC.

I have years of experience working as a professional corporate Executive Assistant to C-level Executives, Doctors, and Lawyers. Additionally, I have personally owned and operated two successful small businesses of my own.

I truly know firsthand what it’s like to be a small business owner who needs a little help!

Does this sound familiar?

It’s overwhelming and frustrating trying to grow a business when you’re only one person. You feel stuck where you are, and unable to grow or take the next step.

You have the vision and the drive, you also have the ideas and the focus… but what you don’t have is the time or the energy to act on them, because you do EVERYTHING in your business yourself, including the repetitive small administrative tasks that make you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

Or you need a little help with day-to-day operations, but you’re not ready for employees yet, or maybe not ready to hire a full-time assistant.

You’re ready to grow and reach the next level in your success, except you can’t take the next step because YOU are only one person, and you’re working IN your business instead of working ON your business.


I’ve taken my collective experience as a corporate professional and as a successful entrepreneur, and I’ve applied all I’ve learned to create a truly unique niche of specialized VA services focused on helping people just like YOU to free up your time and energy…


My collective background has given me a wealth of knowledge and exceptional real life experience to effectively manage tasks and get things done efficiently, creatively, confidently, and with a positive attitude. And with the added intention to help you expand and grow your own business. 

Look, you could absolutely hire an employee at a lower pay rate who will single focus on the tasks to be done, but then you’d ALSO be responsible for things like payroll tax, workers comp expenses, equipment costs, office space, etc…

OR you can hire a professional VA like me, who is dedicated, committed, and focused on accomplishing the work AND with an intentionally focused mindset on helping you grow your business!

I’m here for YOU, and I’m ready to help you free up your time, alleviate your stress, and assist you in taking your business to the next level!

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Some of our most frequently requested services include:

Email Management (Inbox Zero)

I will sort, file, archive, and respond to email on your behalf. I will get you to inbox zero on the daily, and in the process, you will be more efficient in responding to the most important or time sensitive messages. Think of me as the gatekeeper of your electronic communications! This service will save you time and emotional energy, and significantly decrease your stress level, leaving you with time and creative energy to grow your business!!

Email Marketing

Do you have a subscriber list and a pop up to capture leads, but don’t really do much with them? I will create your newsletters, marketing emails, promotions, and more. Need a click funnel or lead page created? I got you, boo. Together, let’s grow your business online with your email marketing!

Social Media Management

I will create, edit, and post your content, and otherwise guide the social media presence of your company or brand. Don’t know the first thing about social media? I can help you establish your accounts across multiple platforms. Already seasoned in social media, but need help with content? I will write, create, or edit your content. Need someone to manage responses to private messages? I can do that, too!

Content Production

From editing your original copy, writing content on your behalf, or being a contributing your blog or website, I have your back. Has your business or brand outgrown an old style? I will review, edit, and improve the older content on your blog or website to match your growing or evolving brand.

Document Preparation and Presentation Creation

Need professional documents prepared, edited, formatted, or created? I’ve got you. Have a presentation to give? I will create your PowerPoint from start to finish, including dynamic slides, outlines, note pages, and handouts. Give me your content and you’ll look like a rock star at your meeting, workshop, or event!

Client Records Management (CRM)

I will help you manage your client records, connect with clients regularly, and follow-up with clients consistently with email automation, workflows, and integrations. From set up to maintenance, stay in the loop and be consistently visible with your clients! Automated email communication and even the holiday card list is easy-peasy. Yep, I do this too.

Surveys & Client Outreach

I’ll create customized client surveys for your brand. I’ll send your survey to your clients, manage the results, and give you customized reports so that you can see how your brand is being received. What better strategic tool to help you grow to the next level? I will also manage your client outreach with systems and workflows to keep your brand in front of your clients on the regular.

Workshops and Event Planning

I will handle the set up and details for your workshops and events for your business. Got a holiday party, retirement party, big important training, or business workshop to host? From securing the venue details, to creating your presentation materials, ordering the catering, managing attendees, and more. I will handle the details so that you can concentrate on what you do best… delivering your pitch and working with clients to grow your business!

Customer Happiness

I will electronically respond to client communications on your behalf to ensure your customer service is timely, consistent, and effective. Do you have automated systems in place to communicate with clients? i can establish and maintain email automation so that you are a presence every time your client makes a purchase, books your service, or makes an inquiry.

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