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The Value Of A Virtual Assistant

I read a blog post the other day that was written after interviewing 19 entrepreneurs about the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant. I absolutely loved the first few paragraphs of that article. Well, I loved it right up until one entrepreneur recommended hiring a VA for an extremely low wage in a foreign country.

That article was written with an intention to explain the value and positive benefits of the services of a VA. Unfortunately, the post ended up wildly devaluing the services of a Virtual Assistant by suggesting outsourcing in this particular way.

What do you value in your business?

In the same week, I met with a potential new client who was feeling stuck by all the small administrative tasks she is doing by herself, rather than being able to focus on the more creative things to grow her company.

For me, this is the ideal client scenario. And we had a GREAT meeting! She shook my hand and agreed to my price. We left there with plans to meet the next day to execute a services agreement and get started.

And then a few hours later… the same potential client called and wanted to negotiate my rate down, justifying her request by telling me she could hire an employee for less.


I think it’s relevant to say that I’d already lowered my rate for this person, as she was a friend of a friend, and I could see real potential in a long-term arrangement.. which to me is always a win win! And ordinarily, I do enjoy a good business negotiation.. but after already lowering my rate significantly, I was not willing to go any lower.

In theory, what she said to justify her request may seem true at first glance. However, the reality is, when you hire a Virtual Assistant, you’re hiring a professional who will work with you for a flat rate, while you enjoy the benefits of not paying all the expense of being an employer.

You could certainly hire an employee for a lower wage, but an employee costs so much more than their hourly rate. Or you could outsource to a third world country for a lower rate, as the article I mentioned earlier suggested, and pay meager wages to save a few bucks. Those are certainly “cheaper” options. But are they, really?

What do you value in your business?

Now, I’m not denying that an employee could certainly require a smaller per hour rate, but then there’s a lot of expense that comes along with being an employer versus being a client. Those pesky little things including by not limited to employment taxes, liability insurance, workers compensation, and then there’s equipment, and supplies, and providing an actual work space. Those things combined add up to quite a bit more than the hourly rate of an Independent Contractor like me.


People, please… look at the VALUE of what you’re getting when you outsource, without all those other expenses and risks that come with being an employer.

Here’s a little extra food for thought on the subject, since we are here. As a business woman, I kinda like being fluent in the native language of the contractors I work with, so that nothing gets lost in translation, especially for something as important as the smooth and successful operation of my business.

I also happen to take great pride in knowing I’m actually supporting someone by paying a livable wage for those I work with.

And I have a huge heart for pouring money into our own local, domestic economy and supporting small business in my local community. I know I’m not the only business person to think this way.

What do you value in your business?

I am an entrepreneur and small business owner, just like you. This Virtual Assistant business is a professional business, not a hobby.  I work remotely, in my own office, with my own equipment, using my own supplies, to support YOUR business. I charge a fair price for my services and my professional background. You could say I provide an exceptional amount of value to my clients.


Furthermore, my company is operated by me alone, and I bring to the table YEARS of experience in the professional corporate arena, working with C-Level Executives, Doctors, and Lawyers. I also have had the experience of owning two very successful small businesses myself. An entrepreneur that understands what it feels like to be an entrepreneur.

I absolutely know the space you’re in, wanting to grow your business, but feeling stuck and held back by the small repetitive administrative tasks that prevent you from moving forward. I’ve been there!

What value do you place on the professional services that make your day-to-day operations easier, and free up your time and energy so that you can run and grow your company? Can you see the value in delegating tasks to free up your time to ultimately grow your business?

What value does working with an experienced, professional VA to help you grow your company mean to your business?

Work Life Balance 3

If you’re like me, and see great value in valuing experienced people and professional services who will help your brand function better, grow bigger, and succeed in crushing your goals, then get in touch today. Contact me HERE.  I’d love to help you!


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Email Management

How is your inbox looking right now?

Do you have hundreds or thousands or even (gasp!) tens of thousands of unread emails waiting for your attention? Is that little red notification bubble always on when you turn on your smart phone or tablet?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, chances are you are doing EVERYTHING in your business yourself, yes? And those small, repetitive tasks sometimes seem overwhelming.. or worse, keep you stuck and not moving forward in growing your business.


What’s an entrepreneur or small business owner to do? How do you weed through that overwhelming inbox when you have so many other things to do?

You hire a Virtual Assistant like me!

One of THE most requested services in my Virtual Assistant business is for Email Management.

I will sort, file, archive, and respond to email on your behalf. I will get you to inbox zero on the daily, and in the process, you will be more efficient in responding to the most important or time sensitive messages.


imagine it… INBOX ZERO… no ridiculous number staring at you when you log on.. no little red bubble notification every single time you turn on your phone.. this could be YOU!

Just think of me as the gatekeeper for your electronic communications!

Email Management services will save you time, reserve your emotional energy, and significantly decrease your stress level, leaving you with time and creative energy to grow your business!!

Want to learn more? Contact me today and let’s take back control of your inbox!

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What The Heck Is A Virtual Assistant?

I am a Virtual Assistant.

What the heck does that mean?

I help busy professionals balance their overwhelming work load. I take small projects and repetitive tasks off their plate so that they can focus on the bigger creative jobs such as planning and crushing goals, and growing and expanding their business.



What do YOU need help with?

What tasks have been left undone on your to-do list in the last 2 weeks?

Are you a small business owner that is overwhelmed with your current to-do list? Are you having trouble managing that exploding inbox? Maybe you’re not ready to expand your team, but you could use an extra hand?

I can help! 

I am a Virtual Assistant. I work remotely, assisting you with small tasks, big projects, and everything in between.

Click HERE to contact me today!

Help is just a click away. Together, we’ve got this!