Welcome to Work Life Balance Virtual Assistants!

We help executives, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, webpreneurs, small business owners, project managers, directors, and other busy professionals manage the small tasks and repetitive day to day details, so they can focus on the bigger jobs of hitting goals and growing the business!

Does this sound like you?

You’re an entreprenuer, small business owner, executive, project manager, director, or other business professional who needs administrative help to manage tasks, but isn’t ready to hire a full time assistant.

Some days, it feels like your work flow is taking over your life, and the work feels overwhelming.

Your inbox is exploding, and you’re having trouble keeping up. You secretly dream of what an empty inbox might feel like.

You spend a significant part of your free time, off time, weekends, or evenings working… when you should be relaxing, spending time with family and friends, recharging your own battery, and taking care of your own needs.

You are taking time off for a medical leave, vacation, sabbatical, maternity or family leave, or other absense from the business… and want the work to keep flowing, but you worry about how to manage to stay on top of things and still take time for yourself.



Our founder, Camille Bunim, has nearly two decades of experience in her professional career as an Executive Assistant working with C-Level Executives, Doctors, and Lawyers.

Possessing exceptional administrative support skills, and exemplary people skills, we complete your project on time, we make your business look good, and we free up your energy so you can keep your focus on building the big vision and growing your business.

We take pride in being a remote part of your  professional administrative support team!

No job is too big or too small.

Do you have an important presentation to assemble? A quarterly or seasonal project? Need help planning the company holiday party or picnic? Need an assistant to manage through those endless emails, or handle an ongoing small project so you can free up your energy for the bigger visionary stuff?

From writing simple copy or document preparation, to event planning, simple banking, project mailings, social media management, making travel arrangements, calendaring, or putting together an extravagant, winning presentation, we can help!

You’re the professional and your business can’t function without your intense focus and creativity. Science tells us, if you neglect yourself by overworking, you’re not showing up as effectively as you can be. Allow us to help handle those little, important details so you can keep the company on course and hit those big goals!

Let us handle the smaller business details for you. Get in touch to discuss your project today! Click here to contact us NOW!

Together, we’ve got this!!